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Our Same Day/Next Day Access Clinic is available to all residents in the North Simcoe community. Appointments are for minor allergic reactions, minor injuries, minor illnesses, rashes, minor burns, minor infections, or small wounds. See below for instructions on how to book an appointment. If you are experiencing cold or flu-like illnesses, visit our North Simcoe Care ClinicThese are not walk-in clinics. All appointments are with a Nurse Practitioner.

Consider visiting the Same Day/Next Day Clinic if:

  • You do not have a primary care provider or cannot be seen by your primary care provider in a timely manner

  • You are unable to access the North Simcoe Care Clinic

  • Your symptoms do not fit the list of minor ailments that can be assessed by a local pharmacist

How to Register

This service is open to anyone in the North Simcoe Community. To register, please call 705-526-7804 ext 0.

Location & Hours

This service is located at the North Simcoe Family Health Team's main office at 619 Prospect Blvd., Suite 3, in Midland. Appointments occur Monday to Friday.

Additional Resources

  • Rocket Doctor: In partnership with Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH), Rocket Doctor offers FREE online appointments with a physician 24/7.  These appointments are covered 100% by OHIP.

  • Virtual Urgent Care: Virtual appointments are available to all residents daily from 1:00-9:00pm. These appointments are covered 100% by OHIP.

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