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Seniors running on treadmill.

This service is intended to improve detection and self-management of cardiovascular health problems (e.g. Acute Coronary Syndrome, Bypass Grafts, Percutaneous Coronary Intervention). Patients are able to make regular appointments with a Registered Kinesiologist once per week for 6 months to ensure they are confident and capable of managing their condition related symptoms.

This service covers:

  • How to increase exercise tolerance

  • Cardiovascular disease education

  • Development of a safe and effective exercise program

  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices in order to eliminate or control cardiovascular disease

Location & Hours

This service is located at the North Simcoe Family Health Team's main office at 619 Prospect Blvd., Suite 3, in Midland. Appointments occur Monday to Friday from 8:15 - 4:00pm.

How to Register

This service is open to anyone in the North Simcoe Community. You may access this service by either a physician referral or self-referral.

  • Physician referral click HERE.

  • To self-refer and book an appointment, please call 705-526-7804 x241.

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