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This clinic is for individuals who are experiencing COVID-19, cold, flu or other respiratory symptoms and would like to see a Nurse Practitioner to be assessed. If you are experiencing such symptoms, your primary care provider should be your first point of contact. If you are unable to successfully book an appointment with your primary care provider, or you don't have a primary care provider, you can book a clinical assessment at our COVID-19, Cold and Flu Care Clinic below.

The COVID-19. Cold and Flu Care Clinic provides assessment, testing and care for: 

  • COVID-19 

  • Strep 

  • Bronchitis or pneumonia 

  • Cold, flu, or sinus infection 

  • Vomiting or diarrhea 

This clinic is available to patients older than 6 months by appointment only. For safety reasons, infants younger than 6 months should consult their family primary care provider or visit an emergency department to be assessed.

Is the COVID-19, Cold and Flu Care Clinic the right place for you?

  • You are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, strep, bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infection, cold or flu, sinus infection, vomiting or diarrhea.

  • You have been directed by your primary care provider, unable to book an appointment, another health care professional has referred you, or you do not have a primary care provider.

  • You are unable to safely monitor your symptoms at home.

  • You are at higher risk of severe illness, including: 

    • immunocompromised individuals aged 18 and over regardless of vaccine status.

    • unvaccinated individuals aged 60 and over.

    • unvaccinated First Nation, Inuit and Métis individuals aged 50 and over.

    • unvaccinated individuals aged 50 and over with one or more risk factors.

Location & Hours

Please note: this is NOT a walk-in clinic. You are required to book an appointment below. The NSFHT COVID- 19, Cold and Flu Care Clinic is located at 619 Prospect Blvd., Suite 2, in Midland. The clinic is open Monday to Friday and hours vary.

How to Register

This program is open to anyone in the North Simcoe Community. Please book your appointment online below. If you are unable to book an appointment online, please call 705-526-7804 x253. Appointments for this clinic become available 24 hours prior to booking.

Please bring a list of your medication and a list of any important medical conditions that you have to your clinical assessment appointment. You do not need to have a family doctor or nurse practitioner to access this clinic.

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